Upcoming cricket star Tabish Khan

Have a look at this very young right arm fast bowler named as Tabish Khan.He has a good first class cricket career.To see first class career of Tabish Khan please visit this link.
http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/player/43409.html In future he will be the junior Shoaib Akhtar of PAKISTAN.He is very talented bowler,very enthusiastic and very calm and cool.Hope so he will be the next shining star for Team PAKISTAN.The present bowling combination of PAKISTANI team is no doubt very good,but Tabish Khan deserves a chance to show his bowling skills.To make your believe watch the following video,and if you are agreed that Tabish Khan deserves a chance for ODI then share this video as well.

Another Khan Is Coming Tabish Khan an Upcomign... by Rashid Mehmood