546 runs in single inning by 14 years old Privithi Shaw

Mumbai schoolboy Prithvi Shaw knocked booming 546 runs in 330 balls including 85 fours and 5 sixes on Wednesday to register the highest score in the history of Harris Shield Under-16 cricket tournament in a single inning in a school-level match at the Azad Maidan and rewrite the highest score record of Mumbai cricket.14 years old boy Prithvi Shaw washed out the bowlers of St Franis on the 2nd day of the prestigious Elite Division Harris Shield Under-16 cricket tournament. Shaw was representing Rizvi Springfield. The most important and noticeable thing is that Shaw also broke Arman Jaffer’s record who scored 473 runs in a Harris Shield match earlier this year by scoring 546 in 330 deliveries. Here is some important thing to know about Prithvi Shaw. (i):His mother has died when he was just four years old baby. (ii):He lives with his father and also wants to celebrate his 546 runs record at Chiness food with his father. (iii):He is the captain of Mumbai under-16 team and bats with right hand. (iv):His innings of 546 runs came just in 367 minutes and he faced 330 balls. He scored 85 boundaries and five sixes. (v):Five years ago,he played inning of 73 runs against an English academy side in Mumbai and there the former county cricket player Julian Wood spotted his talent. (vi)He has played for Gloucestershire second team this year too.This is just below first-class level. (vii):In 2012, he spent three months in Manchester. (viii):He used to stay in Virar. He used to get up at 4.30 am and catch the 6 am train for Bandra (90 minutes journey from Virar) for training at MIG club. (ix):He likes cartoons. (X):Former India spinner Nilesh Kulkarni spotted his talent when he was 10 years old.