Sunday, September 7, 2014

England beat India in T20 by 3 runs

England beat India by 3 runs after very fantastic game played in Birmingham England. EJG Morgan punished the bowlers and played a very remarkable inning.He made 71 runs just in 36 bolls,including 3 fours and 7 huge sixes.Because of Morgan 71 runs reached the target to 180 in 20 overs.Indian bowlers looked tired,as they all punished by Morgan.He really played very good inning. Match summary...
When India started its batting to chase down 180,the start was nt so goood,but Virat Kohli provide a very good partnership as usual.He scored 66 runs in 41 bolls,including 9 fours and one six.Soon after Kohli's departure,Eglish bowlers started to overcome the Indians batsmen.Ms Dhoni tried hard to chase the target till the last boll,as he scored 27 runs in 18 balls including 2 four and a huge six.But in vain all that effort resulted.So England won the math by 3 runs.This match was very remarkable.Morgan declared as MAN OF THE MATH.Here are some photos taken of the match.

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