Exchange of comments about religion between Ahmed Shazad and Dilshan

Every day there is new challenge for PAKISTANI cricketers.As PAKISTAN already suffering from performance issue,in the mean while some of best PAKISTANI players are under observation.Some are in ICC notice,and some are in PCB notice now a days. These days the story of Ahmed Shazad and Dilshan is very popular.Ahmed Shazad passed some religious comments ,which hear by the match officials and now a day Ahmed shazad is under observation. Exchange Of Comment among the two heroes are: Ahmad shazad ask Dillshan "If you are a non-Muslim and you embraced the religion Islam and became Muslim,then it does't matter whatever you do in your life whole life,you will be entered straight to heaven." Dilshan replied no,i can't leave my religion.In return of Dilshan's reply, Ahmed Shazad added "if you don't accept Islam,then be ready for fire". There are restriction in cricket to comment about anyone's religion or about any type of politics.So according to the PCB officials,cricketers must follow the rules and regulations. Chairman of PAKISTAN CRICKET BOARD(PCB), Sharyar Khan said that "There is a law,which clearly defines that player should not take interest in religious or political issues or comments during the match,especially when you are representing you country.Be careful,be avoid to do so.". Sharyar Khan also sadi that:"Srilankan cricket board did not complained about this matter yet,but players should not comments such as Shazad did". Ahmed Shehzad scored just 10 runs in the last match , which Sri Lanka won by seven wickets and won the ODI series.Ahmed Shehzad, who has played five Tests and 48 ODIs, explained that the comments were just exchange of friendly words and i did not mean to tease Dilshan.Ahmed Shazad just 22-year-old youngster has had been facing disciplinery problems since he made his debut in PAKISTAN under nineteen.He was reported as a junior player for curfew violations and has had counselling sessions organised by the board.And last year in December 2013, he was punished by ICC and was fined half his match fee for pushing Dilshan during an ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.