Muhammad Amir got married on Sunday with Nargis

Fast bowler Muhammad Amir who has been suffering from ICC spot fixing scandle and hence banned from all type of international cricket for 5 years now started a new life inning.Amir got married with PAKISTANI-BRITISH girl Nargis ,who is settled in United Kingdom,but now a days she is in Lahore.According to his family resources,only family members of Amir and Nargis attended the Nikkah ceremony.The ceremony was held very simply in Lahore.Muhammad Amir's best girl friend Nargis ,now became his life partner.Nargis is graduate and she likes Muhammad Amir as well.According to family resources of Amir,the marriage(nikahh) is arranged as well as love.As a good fan of Muhmmad Amir,i must say"please don't fix this inning of your life at any cost".As all fans of Amir are very happy with this shocked news,I am very happy too.May ALLAHA give them all HIS blessings.