Phillip Joel Hughes seriously injured by Sean Abbott's bouncer

Very sad moment of cricket history took place toady during the first class cricket match between New South Wales vs South Australia Played at Sydney Cricket Ground Australia. Phillip Joel Hughes got injured by very sharp bouncer bowled by Sean Anthony Abbott.The delivery was bowled at the speed of approximately 126.5km/h.Phillip Joel Hughes was playing at 63 runs with 9 fours when this unpleasant incident took place.Sean Anthony Abbott was bowling different varieties of deliveries.Suddenly Sean Anthony Abbott bowled a bouncer delivery and unfortunately Phillip Hughes completely miss judged that delivery and the boll hits on the back of head and neck of Phillip and he fell down on the pitch.Very soon, Helicopter arrived in the Sydney Ground and took Phillip to the hospital named as St Vincent's Hospital situated in Sydney Australia.
According to the Doctors ""He arrived in a critical condition and remains in a critical condition. He is undergoing surgery as we speak," Faktor said. "When he arrived he underwent a set of scans to establish the extent of his injuries and then a decision was made to perform surgery. All I could confirm is that he did sustain a head injury and that he is in a critical condition at the moment.". Here is the video news which will explore the incident in more details.
Phil Hughes Knocked Down By Bouncer by bestofodi