Team PAKISTAN qualified for the first ICC test championship 2017

Great news for PAKISTAN cricket team and for the cricket lovers as well.PAKISTANI Cricket team qualified for the first ICC test championship which will be played in 2017.Team PAKISTAN just not qualified for the first ICC test championship,also won one lack and seventy thousands US dollars(1,70000$). According to ICC announcement in 2013, first 4 teams in ICC test ranking could be qualify for the first ICC test championship 2017. According to ICC press release,in year 2014,SOUTH AFRICA is on the top test ranking with 124 points, while Australia got 2nd position by getting 119 points and English cricket team is at position third with 104 points and team PAKISTAN is at position four having 103 points.According to ICC releases and information,team India could not make room in first test ICC champion ship 2017.Team S.A defeated the team West Indies in the second test as well at Cape Town and got the first position at ICC test ranking and hence won five lack US dollars (5,00000$) too, team Australia won three lack and ninety thousands US dollars (3,90000$), while English cricket team and PAKISTAN cricket team won two lack and eighty thousands (2,80000$) and one lack seventy thousands US dollars(1,70000$) respectively.