Pakistan Crciket team management calls a meeting on Monday evening

PAKISTAN cricket team has lost its first two main games one of against India and the other against WI.After these two big defeats,all the team officials and the whole nation is very disappoint.Today PAKISTAN cricket team reached Brisbane Australia.According to team schedule, today it was practice session,but team management cancelled the practice session,and called a meeting on evening today.The purpose of this meeting is to diagnose the reasons of two big defeats against IND and WI.After these two defeats, there is great anger can be seen in PAKISTAN and all over the world as well.
PAKISTAN team will play their next match against ZIMBABWE at Brisbane Australia on 1st march 2015.To keep alive in the tournament,PAKISTAN need to win the match against ZIMBABWE at any cast.IF they lost that game,they will have no any chance to qualify for the quarter final.One of the team official told that, team will perform some exercises today instead of practice session.Team management also decided to keep the players far enough from the media.Usually, its allow the players to talk with media during practice session,but now no any player will be available to talk with media "according to team management".