Every one wants to be the coach of Pakistan Cricket team

On the occasion of opening a foundation on his father name,former-Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram talked to one of the big news Chanel BBC news and during his conversation with news representative he said "Unfortunately no one from the big former cricketers of PAKISTANI wants to be the coach of under 19 cricket team,every one wants to coaching for International team eleven".Giving some example of neighbor country India he told that Raul Dravid got the charge of under 19 team coaching,he also included that Alan Border of Australia and Greg Chappell both have been coaching for under nineteen cricket team,but in PAKISTAN everything is going wrong for cricket,here in PAKISTAN everyone wants to coach team PAKISTAN.Its not good for our cricket,if we want to come back in cricket,we need to train our youngsters.Former fast bowler and test cricketer wasim said that we should learn lessons from our mistakes.If any one of former PAKISTANI cricketers wants to help for cricket then i suggest that he should promote academic cricket and should train out youngsters.
Wasim Akram also said that "our most recent team members mostly are seniors as they don't need to tell them that how to bat or bowl,Misbah ul Haq not need for any batting coach as he is much mature now and Misbah knows well how to bat and how to lead team as well". Wasim also said that "cricket is changing day by day,so we should be mentally prepared our players to face any type of situation during the game."He also said that "i am ready to help for PAKISTAN cricket but not necessarily as a coach,i will help for any type of field in cricket".