Boom Boom Afridi took important decisions before World Cup T20 2016

Great all rounder PAKISTANI batsman Shahid Afridi is much famous in all over the world due to his good striker of the ball,good hitting and great smashes.As Shahid Afridi has announced that he is going to leave all type of cricket after the T20 world Cup 2016 which is going to be played in India next year,so it is the last World Cup of Boom Boom Shahid Afridi.Before the starting of the world cup,Shahid Afridi is working hard in all fields.He also took some difficult decisions because of the world cup.Here are Boom Boom's important decisions.

Shahid Afridi is shifting with his family from KARACHI to LAHORE because he does not want to miss any practice session in National Cricket academy Lahore !

Shahid Afridi also limited his social services for which he has 20th position in all over the world. !

Shahid Khan afridi also decided to change his his batting order from lower middle order to middle order

Boom Boom also said that "i want to left cricket with good memories ,so i will try my level best to perform much better,and will lead the team to good position in ICC World Cup T20 2016."