Muhammad Amir is Coming soon

PAKISTANI fast bowler Muhammad Amir is playing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) now a days.He is one of the three PAKISTANI players who have been banned for international cricket as they were caught for the guilty of spot fixing during test match.

All these three players completed their punishment for their crime.Muhammad Amir is performing so well in BPL as he impressed much by his performance the whole team upper management,head coach and Chairman PCB as well.There are many debates about Muhammad Amir's come back in international cricket, everyone has his own view about this young man.
The PCB chairman Sharyar Khan said that "I am quite satisfied with his performance in BPL and because of his brilliant performance,he is knocking at the team door ".
Chairman PCB also included that "we are thinking and observing to bring Amir back into team and we are still trying to gave him such an environment where he can sit among seniors players and can change his attitude accordingly too.Sharyar Khan also said that ,he must change his behavior before rejoining the team".
"I will personally meet with Amir", he said".


PAKISTAN cricket team head coach Waqar Younas also gave a green signal for Amir's come back into team.Waqar Younas said that "Muhammad Amir has completed his punishment in the shape of prison and ban as well,so he has complete right to come back in cricket team,and we should gave him another chance to continue his career".
Remember that in 2010,when these three players were caught and proved involved in spot fix,at that time the team head coach was Waqar Younas.
In-spite of PCB's efforts ,Pakistani player Muhammad Hafeez is against Muhammad Amir come back.Few days ago,he explained that "I will never play in such team in which any player of those were playing".
Former test cricketer Ramiz Raja is also against those three players who brought a bad name for country.

Do remember that Ramiz Raja is Ambassador for PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE (PSL) and he is much against the three players those were involved in spot fixing.He said that "Participation any one of these three players in PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE, may degrade the popularity of  PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE".