Basics of cricket

In this article we will discuss cricket rules in depth.First of all we should know the exact meaning of cricket.So with deep research ,we can define Cricket in the following words....
"Cricket is a much popular game played with bat and ball". 
We know that In every game there are rules and regulations.For example, the length & width of the grounds for football,hockey and cricket game.As we are here to server cricket fans, so we will focus on the rules and regulations of crickets implemented by International Cricket Council (ICC).
Following are the major rules of cricket.
(i): Number of players:  Cricket is a game played with the bat and ball and each team consists of eleven players.

(ii): Cricket Ball: Cricket ball is made of hard cork  inside leather coating.The ball is much hard and solid having weight of 155.9 grams to 163 grams (for men), and 140 grams to 151 grams (for women).
(iii) Cricket Ground Size and potion: The  size of cricket ground is different from country to country, means the ground size is not fixed, it varies ground to ground.

 (iv) Pitch size :    The size of crciekt pitch is fixed for all grounds and is about 22 yards in length and 10feet in width.
Also have a look at Cricket Pitch with different angle according to field settlement.

(v)Bowling Area: In International cricket, according to the standard of cricket, some rules are applied on the bowlers. Have a look at the following snap.