MCC Laws Of Cricekt Application

Ancient Marylebone Cricket Club  of London introduces an app which consists of information about all the cricket laws, this application named as MCC LAWS OF CRICKET.In a news release from ICC, its said that all the cricket laws are described in this application in easy words so that anyone can understand that laws.
 MCC Laws Of Cricket contains new pictures, animations and particular questions about laws .
In MCC Laws Of Cricket Namely application consists of all the 42 laws of cricket ,where these laws are categorized in to further 8 parts and from the start of the play to get the batsmen out and to appeal from the bowler ,everything is included in MCC Laws Of Cricket.

Animated Laws : In this application , fifteen laws are included with animation which can be watched and these 15 laws are recorder in the voice of famous writer, broadcaster and actor "Stephen Frey" who is describing the laws such  pitch bad behavior and hurdles in fielding.

 Videos: MCC Laws Of Cricket also included 18 videos containing umpires gestures so that players, audience and match officials can better understand what is mean by this gesture. 
 The last feature of this application consists of a quiz test about this game for the viewers.This feature has three levels , easy ,medium, and difficult or pro and viewer can share the result of  his/her test of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
Chief Executive of MCC  Derek Brewer  said that "for a new supporter of this game,to understand about this game, "MCC LAWS OF CRICKET is a complete application".This app contains the data which will be helpful for the players, for the audience and for the viewers as well to increase their knowledge about this game.MCC LAWS OF CRICKET can be downloaded free of cast.
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