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Watch the video.Here is the first league of PAKISTAN  promo.

PSL promo

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Some players are unhappy with Muhammad's Amir's presence in training camp

Today was the first day of training in training camp for the preparation of players for New Zealand tour.As the training session started,an unhappy moment came to see when fast bowler Muhammad Amir looked little bit nervous. It was because some players were not happy with Amir's presence in training camp.To notice Amir's attitude, Chairman PCB ,Mr Sharyar Khan arrived at training camp,and team head coach Waqar Younas told him that we are trying to resolve Amir's problem with other players and will soon got good results.

Watch video:

Watch Video : Chairman PCB Sharyar Khan Arrives at training camp during training session

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Muhammad Amir selected in the Practice camp against NZ

PCB decided to select Muhammad Amir for practice camp against Neo Zealand.This is a big news for Amir's fan and good news for the PAKISTAN cricket as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Scott Styris punish James Fuller

Sometime bowlers got pressure too much so that they dont know how to ball,where to ball and whom to ball.
Same situation occurred during a T20 match when James Fuller costed 38 runs in one over.Watch the over in the following video and decide either it was a good batting or bad bowling or was the role of luck.

Good batting or bad bowling?

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Shoaib Akhtar vs Muhammad Hafeez

Here is a great spell by former PAKISTANI fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar against best batsman of PAKISTAN Muhammad Hafeez in a domestic match.Shoaib Akhtar bowled brilliantly even Hafezz could not face his bowling and soon he left the crease.Have a look at the following video.
Rawalpindi Express vs Professor

Shoaib Akhtar vs Muhammad Hafeez

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Muhammad Amir's 40+ wickets against best teams in the World

Muhammad Amir Pakistani fast bowler has great talent as he showed against big teams in cricket world.Muhammad Amir started his career in the age of 17 years and got the first position in the list of top 10 bolwers according to ICC ranking.Muhammad Amir has much talent never seen before.He has performed very well in all formats of the game.Here is the video of Amir's wickets against best teams.

Watch the video!

40+ wickets of Amir

Amir's best bowling collection

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Muhammad Amir's all 15 wickets in BPL

PAKISTANI fast bowler Muhammad Amir is playing in BPL after 5 years ban from any type of cricket.He is performing so well as he impressed his fans as well as team management and selection committee.
AMir got 15 wickets in BPL.Here is a video of Amir's superb bowling in BPL.

Watch video here:

Muhammad Amir's 15 Wickets in BPL

Muhammad Amir's 15 Wickets in BPL

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Hook Shot Of the Year 2015 by KP

Keven Pieterson is a professional cricketer from England and played for England from 2004 to 2014.KP has a good cricket career with great strike rate.KP includes in such great players those have great ability to pull the balls in the crowed with powerful hit.KP has great powerful hitting capability which he showed in domestic match in South Africa last night.Here is the video clip of his magnificent shot.
Watch the video.... KP your this shot surprised the commentators as well as the audience.Great shot.
Hook Shot Of year 2015

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Best Catches in the History of Cricket

Forefather of cricket said that "CRICKET IS THE GAME OF CHANCE",no doubt about it,but we should keep it in mind that every game posses some crucial stages where one should have to avail that chances and gave a great comeback to his team.
In the cricket,we all know that each and every part of the game in much important for both teams,but the fielding plays a major role in teams victory.That is why it is said that "catches win matches".Here are some of the brilliant fielding examples.Great catches by great players from all over the world!

Catches win matches

Best Catches in Cricket History

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Home Village of Muhammad Amir

The dusty strip of ground is as far from the grand rooms and hallowed turf of Lord's as you can get. But this is where cricket prodigy Mohammad Amir's searing pace was first unleashed, as he honed the skills that have made him one of the world's most feared fast bowlers aged just 18. Impoverished residents in his home village idolise him after watching his match-winning heroics on a fuzzy portable TV. But today his friends and old neighbours are trying to make sense of his involvement in the betting scam at Lord's that has rocked cricket. Yasir Mirza, 27, who captains the village team, insists his pal must have been tricked or pressured into bowling the no-ball that exposed the scandal.
Speaking to the Mirror on the bumpy pitch where Amir used to hurl a tennis ball wrapped in tape at a pile of bricks used as wickets, Yasir said: "He's been used by the bookies and the older Pakistan players. "He's the hero of our village and we can't believe what has happened. "I grew up playing cricket with Amir and I know for sure that he must have been conned into doing this. "Amir is a very honest guy. I watched him grow up and captained him when we played against other villages around here. "We called him since all of this came out on Sunday and he told us his only connection to the guy who supposedly fixed those balls was through senior players." Amir left squalid Changa Bangyaal, two hours south of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, for what promised to be a glittering career. Now his part in last week's Test scam during the defeat to England has brought shame to the dirt-poor villagers who he grew up with. The star faces a life ban if it's proved he deliberately bowled a no-ball in a racket allegedly organised by Surrey-based fixer Mazhar Majeed.
Kamran Raja, 30, who also played with Amir for the village, said: "He was a lot younger than us but he was so much better than everyone else. I don't understand why he would sacrifice all that hard work for a few thousand pounds. He can do so well just by playing cricket." Amir's cousin, Bilal Ahmed, 38, said: "Spot betting on the toss, no-balls and wides is a crime spreading right across Pakistan. "There must be a lot of pressure on the players to take the bribes but Amir's only crime is to be naive and too in awe of those around him." But furious village elder Rehman Mehmood, 60, said: "We are embarrassed and ashamed by 'what he's done. We were so proud of him before. It's a disgrace for our village and our country." When the Mirror visited the cluster of halffinished concrete block houses where Amir grew up, his parents' home was locked and bolted. The family went into hiding when outraged cricket fans vented their anger on the streets after the scam was exposed. It was a far cry from his parents' pride when Amir left his sister and five brothers after winning a scholarship to Pakistan's elite cricket schools in Rawalpindi and Lahore. Aamir Shehzed played with Amir at the academy and is an example of what could happen to his old pal if he is banned. Standing next to a stinking rubbish tip directly in front of his home, Aamir, 24, said: "He was extraordinary. He's my friend and my hero and I'd be devastated if he gets charged over this." Amir is known as the Gujar Khan Express after the region where he grew up. His family still live in the remote area in Punjab including one of his brothers who earns £7 a day working in a shop. But thanks to his fame, Amir was able to obtain loans for lavish new homes in Lahore for himself and his parents. They were to be transported to luxury from the cramped concrete compound where 12 people share four rooms. Fans are now questioning how the star could afford the investments after starting his sporting career so recently. Pakistan's cricketers are paid handsomely compared to national standards but their wages are dwarfed by their English and Australian rivals. Police now plan to quiz at least four Pakistani players on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers. It's claimed that parts of the Lord's Test were rigged so that specific things happened at agreed moments. Alleged fixer Majeed, who owns a £1.8million mansion in Croydon, Surrey, was filmed apparently accepting £150,000 to mastermind the scam and has been released on bail after questioning. Fraud detectives have charged three people with money laundering. Pakistan has now sent three officers to Britain to make their own enquiries. When Amir this summer became the youngest player ever to take 50 Test wickets it seemed a perfect conclusion to his meteoric rise from squalor to superstardom. His old pals now pray the Gujar Khan Express hasn't already come off the rails.

Muhammad Amir's Wedding snap shots

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amir responds to M.Hafeez in BPL

Amir responds to Professor M.Hafeez in the field

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Muhammad Amir is Coming soon

PAKISTANI fast bowler Muhammad Amir is playing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) now a days.He is one of the three PAKISTANI players who have been banned for international cricket as they were caught for the guilty of spot fixing during test match.

All these three players completed their punishment for their crime.Muhammad Amir is performing so well in BPL as he impressed much by his performance the whole team upper management,head coach and Chairman PCB as well.There are many debates about Muhammad Amir's come back in international cricket, everyone has his own view about this young man.
The PCB chairman Sharyar Khan said that "I am quite satisfied with his performance in BPL and because of his brilliant performance,he is knocking at the team door ".
Chairman PCB also included that "we are thinking and observing to bring Amir back into team and we are still trying to gave him such an environment where he can sit among seniors players and can change his attitude accordingly too.Sharyar Khan also said that ,he must change his behavior before rejoining the team".
"I will personally meet with Amir", he said".


PAKISTAN cricket team head coach Waqar Younas also gave a green signal for Amir's come back into team.Waqar Younas said that "Muhammad Amir has completed his punishment in the shape of prison and ban as well,so he has complete right to come back in cricket team,and we should gave him another chance to continue his career".
Remember that in 2010,when these three players were caught and proved involved in spot fix,at that time the team head coach was Waqar Younas.
In-spite of PCB's efforts ,Pakistani player Muhammad Hafeez is against Muhammad Amir come back.Few days ago,he explained that "I will never play in such team in which any player of those were playing".
Former test cricketer Ramiz Raja is also against those three players who brought a bad name for country.

Do remember that Ramiz Raja is Ambassador for PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE (PSL) and he is much against the three players those were involved in spot fixing.He said that "Participation any one of these three players in PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE, may degrade the popularity of  PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE".

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Younas Khan "The Legend"


Younas khan full name is Muhammad Younas Khan.He born on 29 November 1977 in Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (earlier North-West Frontier Province of PAKISTAN).

Major Teams

Younas khan has been playing for the following major teams. Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited, Nottinghamshire, Peshawar Cricket Association, Rajasthan Royals, South Australia, Surrey, Warwickshire, Yorkshire

Other Name

Younas khan has no nick name ,so he is know has with his real name Younas Khan.

Playing Role

Middle Order batsman!

Batting Style

right hand batsman

Bowling Style

Right-arm medium(Legbreak)

Test Career:

Test  Career



















Younas Khan is one of the most popular  test cricketer in the world having terrific records belong to PAKISTAN.Younas Khan remained captain for PAKISTANI cricket team for all three formats.Younas Khan started his career with his test debut against Sri Lanka played at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium PAKISTAN.Score Card. Younas is still playing test cricket for PAKISTAN and he is the highest run scorer for Pakistan in Test Cricket and he is the only Pakistani player to score over 9,000 test runs.During his test cricket career he has played 104 matches and scored 9116 runs including 31st centuries and 30 half centuries.Younas Khan is very good player with good body language and great fitness as he is still representing PAKISTAN at the age of 37 years.He is the role model for young players.

ODI Career:

ODI Career


















Younas Khan started his ODI career with debut against Sri Lanka at National Stadium KARACHI Pakistan played on 13 Feb 2000. ODI Score card. Younas Khan the legend of cricket also has a terrific One Day International career as mentioned in the above table.Younas Khan played his last ODI against England at Abu Dabi Cricket stadium played on 11 November 2015.PAKISTAN won this match with huge marginof 127 runs and lead the 4 match series 1:0.

T20 Career

Younas Khan has excellent Twenty Twenty career.He debut for T20 against England played on 28 Aug 2006 at Country Ground England.Country Ground. Younas khan is one of the luckiest Captain who lead the team to the final of T20 World Cup 2009 and PAKISTAN became the champions of 2009.
Younas Khan decided to gave chance to new comers and announced his retirement from T20 career as well with a great win by England,so the match against New Zealand became his last T20 match which was played at AMI Stadium, Christchurch New Zealand on 30 December 2010. Younas Khan arrived at Karachi air port after his retirement from ODIs.Younas khan received by friends, family & fans at Karachi airport today.Younas Khan was looking so excited.His converation with Geo News,he told that ALLAHA ALMIGHTY gave me alot of respect and it all is just because of my family,my supporters and PAKISTAN.I am very tankful to GOD that i played the whole cricket with respect.
Younis Khan is being received by friends, family & fans at Karachi airport today.
There came some ups and downs in my career,but i always showed patient.I am very thank full to PAKISTAN CRICKET board for their great support.Younas Khan said that i will play test cricket for PAKISTAN till i can play,and there will no need for any one to say that you should retire now because i know that either i can play or not.

UBL Tribute to Younas Khan

UBL held a special ceremony for Younis Khan during the inning break of the second ODI. Congratulations to our superstar for his 15 year glorious service to Pakistan Cricket Team in ODIs.

Younas Khan yu will ever remained in the heart of your fans.You are the proud of PAKISTAN.

People Reviews

My all time favorite player I love you sooooooo much you deserve to be respected Legend khan a real team man and a Great human We will miss you forever Younis khan Tumhara Shukriya ..

Ala Younis bhai. I was there in the stadium in you last ODI. you distributed gloves and a cap that I missed. Love you and you were a team player

Avg in ODI is not up to the mark for a Legend like YK, test record is awesome still lot of work to be done if he needs to get 10000!, needs patience concentration application like Misbah then only he can achieve the milestone otherwise it's curtain to YK career

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PAKISTAN victory against ENG in first ODI

PAKISTAN won first ODI against ENGLAND played at Abu Dabi international cricket stadium.In this game, England won the toss and elected to bat first.English batsmen could not stay before PAKISTANI bowling and all team out for 26 runs on board in 49.4 overs.

Score Card Team PAKISTAN chased down the target in 44th over with the help of great partnership between Muhammad Hafeez & Babar Azam. The most important part of this game is that it was last ODI of the legend PAKISTANI batsman,who declared for retirement from ODI cricket.It was very emotional moment when younas left the ground after getting out for 9 runs in his last ODI.Many eyes got wet at his retirement ,even Muhammad hafeez who got his first brilliant hundred against ENGLAND,dedicated his century to Younas Khan.

Muhammad Hafeez got his first hundred against England and got man of the match award.
Babar Azam played a brilliant inning of 62 runs in 62 deliveries including 4 huge sixes.
Babar Azam got most colorful inning award.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

PAKISTAN vs ENGLAND third test

Three test match series between PAKISTAN & ENGLAND finished with a great win by PAKISTAN with huge margin of 127 runs.In 2nd inning England lost 8 wickets in no time.PAKISTANI spinners dominated in the whole game of day 5 first two sessions. For details: Score Card Photos of third test.

Player of the match:

Muhammad Hafeez (PAKISTAN) is man of the match.He scored brilliant 151 in 2nd inning.

Player of the Series:

PAKISTANI spinner bowler Yasir Shah is man of the sereis.

Particular of this match

One of the most important point of third test match was that PAKISTANI middle order batsman and off spinner right handed batsman Shoaib Malik got retirement from test cricket and it was his last match.Shoaib Malik got 7 wickets in his last test. Well done team PAKISTAN.After wining third test match against ENG, team PAKISTAN got 2nd position in ICC test team latest ranking. for score card visit.

ICC Latest test ranking:

Friday, October 16, 2015

Boom Boom Rocks

Lets promote academic cricket to make youngster good cricketers for future.
Comming stars of cricket.

Shahid Afridi's life

WIKI PEIDA about Afridi

Shahid Afridi (Urdu: شاہدآفریدی‎; Pashto: شاهد اپریدی‎; born Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, also popularly known as Boom Boom Afridi, born on 1 March 1980) is a Pakistani former Test and ODI cricketer and currently the T20I captain. Considered as a legend in Pakistani cricket history, Afridi is regarded as one of the greatest big-hitting cricketers of all time, where he has the longest six of any form of the game.
He is known for his aggressive batting style, and previously held the record for the fastest ODI century in 37 deliveries. He also holds the distinction of having hit the most number of sixes in the history of ODI cricket,[8] and he hit the longest ever six in the history of cricket.Afridi considers himself a better bowler than batsman, and has taken 48 Test wickets and over 350 in ODIs. Currently Afridi is third on the list of leading wicket takers in the Twenty20 format, behind Saeed Ajmal and Umer Gul of Pakistan, taking 73 wickets from 70 matches. Shahid Afridi has signed to play for Sydney Thunder in Australia’s Twenty20 Big Bash league.
In June 2009, Afridi took over the Twenty20 captaincy from Younus Khan, and was later appointed ODI captain for the 2010 Asia Cup. In his first match as ODI captain against Sri Lanka he scored a century however Pakistan still lost by 16 runs. He then also took over the Test captaincy but resigned after one match in charge citing lack of form and ability to play Test cricket; at the same time he announced his retirement from Tests. He retained the captaincy in limited-overs form of the game and led the team in the 2011 World Cup. In May 2011, having led Pakistan in 34 ODIs, Afridi was replaced as captain. Later that month he announced his conditional retirement from international cricket in protest against his treatment by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). However, in October he reversed his decision. UNICEF and Pakistani authorities have taken Shahid Afridi on board for its anti-polio campaign in the tribal belt of lawless Waziristan region.[12]
Real hero of PAKISTAN ,Shahid Khan afridi is not only good cricket ,but also is a good human.He has great sympathy with poor families,so he has started some good social work for poor people.Shahid Khan afridi has great knowledge about politics and supports politician with good vision.He is real hero of PAKISTAN.We are so proud of him. He has religious mind as well.

Espncricinfo dot com

Of Shahid Afridi it can safely be said that cricket never has and never will see another like him. To say he is an allrounder is to say Albert Einstein was a scientist; it tells a criminally bare story

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