Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eagle Dives on the Ball...

Here watch the picture and make sense that either its an eagle or a player.Great fielding effort ever seen...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Very warm Happy Birth day to Ashwin

hello very body ,today is Ashwin's birthday.And i think its nothing worth than this video to say him Happy Birth Day ashwin

Friday, September 19, 2014

546 runs in single inning by 14 years old Privithi Shaw

Mumbai schoolboy Prithvi Shaw knocked booming 546 runs in 330 balls including 85 fours and 5 sixes on Wednesday to register the highest score in the history of Harris Shield Under-16 cricket tournament in a single inning in a school-level match at the Azad Maidan and rewrite the highest score record of Mumbai cricket.14 years old boy Prithvi Shaw washed out the bowlers of St Franis on the 2nd day of the prestigious Elite Division Harris Shield Under-16 cricket tournament. Shaw was representing Rizvi Springfield. The most important and noticeable thing is that Shaw also broke Arman Jaffer’s record who scored 473 runs in a Harris Shield match earlier this year by scoring 546 in 330 deliveries. Here is some important thing to know about Prithvi Shaw. (i):His mother has died when he was just four years old baby. (ii):He lives with his father and also wants to celebrate his 546 runs record at Chiness food with his father. (iii):He is the captain of Mumbai under-16 team and bats with right hand. (iv):His innings of 546 runs came just in 367 minutes and he faced 330 balls. He scored 85 boundaries and five sixes. (v):Five years ago,he played inning of 73 runs against an English academy side in Mumbai and there the former county cricket player Julian Wood spotted his talent. (vi)He has played for Gloucestershire second team this year too.This is just below first-class level. (vii):In 2012, he spent three months in Manchester. (viii):He used to stay in Virar. He used to get up at 4.30 am and catch the 6 am train for Bandra (90 minutes journey from Virar) for training at MIG club. (ix):He likes cartoons. (X):Former India spinner Nilesh Kulkarni spotted his talent when he was 10 years old.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Funniest moment in the history of Cricket

Some time there came such moments which make the human wonder.In the history of cricket such moments come in almost every match.Here is the picture which taken from the game between South Africa and west Indies.Decide which player should be given out?

Misbah-ul-Haq tries to come back in ODI

Pakistan ODI and test team captain said "i'am trying my level best to come back".He also added that no one should be criticized due to bad performance in one or two innings.I am the captain of such a team which can do anything at anytime against any team of the world.He said that we are trying to come back in batting line which is our big problem.In Lahore,during his conversation at the ceremony of World Cup Cricket trophy representation he said,no doubt we don't have much experienced players as much as we needed for world cup 2015,but we have such a great batting and bowling combination to beat any team of the world.We just needed some extra ordinary training before world cup.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ICC should look at these bowling action too

As ICC started to deeply analyze the illegal bowling actions of all the bowlers from every country.There are some good and top ten spinners are banned these days,including the world class number one spinner Saeed Ajmal from PAKISTAN,and two more bowlers are facing bowling restrictions as well.Here arises many questions.Why ICC didn't implement its rules and regulations on equally basis?Is ICC under the control of India?etc.Look at this picture and decide your self fans,either bowling action of these bowlers are according to the rules and regulations of the ICC.

Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi appointed as T20 captain till 2016

Very good news for the cricket and Afridi's lovers as well.PCB appointed Boom Boom as T20 team captain till 2016.According to chairman PCB Shairyaar khan,the decision is taken after a long thinking and consulting the team manager,coach and team selectors.He said that "i couldn't find out the better choice of T20 captain as compared to Boom Boom".Shahid Khan Afridi has got the responsibility of captaincy in test criket matches and in ODI's too.Though afridi's record as T-20 captain is not so impressive,but PCB could not fine any one else who is capable to bear this burden.Shahid Khan Afridi lead the team in 19 T-20 matches,in his leadership,PAK team won just 8 matches,and lost 11.hopping for the best future of Afridi,fans support will be required more and more as usual...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Muhammad Amir got married on Sunday with Nargis

Fast bowler Muhammad Amir who has been suffering from ICC spot fixing scandle and hence banned from all type of international cricket for 5 years now started a new life inning.Amir got married with PAKISTANI-BRITISH girl Nargis ,who is settled in United Kingdom,but now a days she is in Lahore.According to his family resources,only family members of Amir and Nargis attended the Nikkah ceremony.The ceremony was held very simply in Lahore.Muhammad Amir's best girl friend Nargis ,now became his life partner.Nargis is graduate and she likes Muhammad Amir as well.According to family resources of Amir,the marriage(nikahh) is arranged as well as love.As a good fan of Muhmmad Amir,i must say"please don't fix this inning of your life at any cost".As all fans of Amir are very happy with this shocked news,I am very happy too.May ALLAHA give them all HIS blessings.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

West Indies Openers provided 100 partnership in 2nd Test math at Gros Islet

In the second test at Gross Islet WI,Bangladeshi captain won the toss and decided to field first.According to the pitch and ground situation,his decision was looking good at first,but his bowlers proved it totally wrong after a play of one an half of hour as WI openers started slowly but strongly and provide 143 runs partnership.KC Brathwaite scored 63 runs.Here is the picture in which he his recieving his test cap from Lloyd at Gros Islet.

Sqlain Mushtaq find out the solution of Ajmal's bowling action

Farmer PAKISTANI off spinner Sqlain Mushtaq decided to come back in PAKISTAN for a couple of months in the last week of this month.The reason of saqlain back to home land is that PCB contact him to help saeed Ajmal in modifying his bowling action as Ajmal is facing ICC restriction till he modifies his bowling action.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Check the talent of this child

Hello cricket lovers ,today i have came across a lot of cricket videos and news across the world,but none of them impressed me much.Before going to my bed,i was browsing the net and i met a very very awesome and unique cricket video.In this video a very little baby,almost 10 t0 12 years old is doing cricket practice session,friends i believe,you never ever saw this type of video.How he place the boll,defends the boll and strikes the boll,you can see here in this video.Share it to your friends after watching...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Saqlain Mushtaq assist Ajmal

PAKISTAN cricket board decided to obtain Sqlain Mushtaq's help to improve Saeed Ajmal's bowling action.Sqlain Mushtaq was very good off spinner bolwer of PAKISTAN.The most famous delivery toady "doosra" is his invention.He is very expert in spin bowling and has benn coaching in England in his cricket academy since last few years.PCB decided to get his help for most best spin bowler Saeed Ajmal who has been suspended till he modifies his bowling action. Sqlain replied to PCB that"i am ready to help saeed ajmal,at anytime,anywhere,even if i needed to come back to PAKISTAN for few months". At the moment when the PAKISTAN team is going to play with AUS in UAE in next month,and the most important thing to note is that "the major event of cricket history .the 'World Cup 2015',is not to far too".So PCB should try to do something unexpected at this time,because they needed a good spinner at all,which no one can replace Ajmal.Here is the Saqlain's magic doosra's video cilp for cricket lovers..

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Old is Gold

One of the best inning of Shahid khan afridi against India.10 runs were needed in 6 bolls.Ashwin was the bowler.What happened to Ashwin,what happened to Indian team,to see all this,watch this video.

ICC banned Saeed Ajmal from bowling

An other big loss for team PAKISTAN.Saeed Ajmal has been banned by ICC from bowling in all type of cricket because of his illegal bowling action.Earlier in this year,different spin bowlerl has been reported by ICC for a bio chemical test because of their illegal bowling actions.The affected players by this ICC rule are:Sri Lanka off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake, New Zealand's Kane Williamson,Shane Shillingford from WI and now saeed ajmal has suspend because of illegal actions.The issue of illegal bowling was discussed in one of the ICC meeting held in June,2014.
The conclusion to ban Ajmal was taken after an ICC credited team of bio-mechanical specialists tested his action at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane. Saeed Ajmal can apply to the ICC for a re-assessment at any time after changing his bowling action. According to ICC official handling illegal spin bowlers's actions:"The investigation discovered that all his deliveries exceeded the 15 degrees level of tolerance acceptable under the ICC rules and regulations".This is not the first time Ajmal bowling action declared as illegal,in April 2009,his bowling action was declared as suspecious and illegal and was said to report after getting a bio-chemical test.When he bowled the delivery "doosra", he exceeded the degree of tolerance allowed by ICC.But at that time,his action was cleared in that month by ICC.Unfortunately during the test series,his action was under observation,and hence soon after the Galle test in SriLanka,his action was declared as illegal and asked him for a test.Now ,unfortunately,he has banned from ICC,which is big loss for PAKISTAN cricket team.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

England beat India in T20 by 3 runs

England beat India by 3 runs after very fantastic game played in Birmingham England. EJG Morgan punished the bowlers and played a very remarkable inning.He made 71 runs just in 36 bolls,including 3 fours and 7 huge sixes.Because of Morgan 71 runs reached the target to 180 in 20 overs.Indian bowlers looked tired,as they all punished by Morgan.He really played very good inning. Match summary...
When India started its batting to chase down 180,the start was nt so goood,but Virat Kohli provide a very good partnership as usual.He scored 66 runs in 41 bolls,including 9 fours and one six.Soon after Kohli's departure,Eglish bowlers started to overcome the Indians batsmen.Ms Dhoni tried hard to chase the target till the last boll,as he scored 27 runs in 18 balls including 2 four and a huge six.But in vain all that effort resulted.So England won the math by 3 runs.This match was very remarkable.Morgan declared as MAN OF THE MATH.Here are some photos taken of the match.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Exchange of comments about religion between Ahmed Shazad and Dilshan

Every day there is new challenge for PAKISTANI cricketers.As PAKISTAN already suffering from performance issue,in the mean while some of best PAKISTANI players are under observation.Some are in ICC notice,and some are in PCB notice now a days. These days the story of Ahmed Shazad and Dilshan is very popular.Ahmed Shazad passed some religious comments ,which hear by the match officials and now a day Ahmed shazad is under observation. Exchange Of Comment among the two heroes are: Ahmad shazad ask Dillshan "If you are a non-Muslim and you embraced the religion Islam and became Muslim,then it does't matter whatever you do in your life whole life,you will be entered straight to heaven." Dilshan replied no,i can't leave my religion.In return of Dilshan's reply, Ahmed Shazad added "if you don't accept Islam,then be ready for fire". There are restriction in cricket to comment about anyone's religion or about any type of politics.So according to the PCB officials,cricketers must follow the rules and regulations. Chairman of PAKISTAN CRICKET BOARD(PCB), Sharyar Khan said that "There is a law,which clearly defines that player should not take interest in religious or political issues or comments during the match,especially when you are representing you country.Be careful,be avoid to do so.". Sharyar Khan also sadi that:"Srilankan cricket board did not complained about this matter yet,but players should not comments such as Shazad did". Ahmed Shehzad scored just 10 runs in the last match , which Sri Lanka won by seven wickets and won the ODI series.Ahmed Shehzad, who has played five Tests and 48 ODIs, explained that the comments were just exchange of friendly words and i did not mean to tease Dilshan.Ahmed Shazad just 22-year-old youngster has had been facing disciplinery problems since he made his debut in PAKISTAN under nineteen.He was reported as a junior player for curfew violations and has had counselling sessions organised by the board.And last year in December 2013, he was punished by ICC and was fined half his match fee for pushing Dilshan during an ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.

S.A won Tri Angular Series

In the final match of the Tri-Angular series in Zimbabwe,S.A won the match and hence got the well deserved title of Tri-Angular series champion.Throughout the series,S.A played very good and awesome cricket.Especially man of the sereis "Faf Du Plessis" played very very well cricket in fact.He proved himself a match winner player.Du Plessis said "I've been given an opportunity to make no .3 spot mine, luckily I have been able to score some runs. I've been hitting the ball well, definitely it is a position where I get the time to set up my innings. I'm getting used to the role now, I'm beginning to enjoy it.He also concluded that in his second century against AUS was his most favorite inning as he said"the ball was coming on the middle of the bat and i was smashed the same way,strike rate was too good,Unfortunately,we lost that game,but i will remeber my that hundred."...S.A delivered good cricket to see in Zimbabwe.They celebrated much as they deserve.Here are some presentation ceremony pictures...

Styne really damaged Australia in Zimbabwe Triangular Series Final

In the final of Zimbabwe Triangular Series,South Africa restricted Australia on 217 for 9 in 50 overs games.South Africa won the toss and decided to bowl first.South African bowlers bowled very well,especially DW Styen bowled outstanding.In his 10 overs spell,he gave just 34 runs and got 4 wickets. Who will win this game,keep visiting this site. Pictures are taken from cricinfo.com

Friday, September 5, 2014

England won the match,But lost the Home Series

England won the 5th ODI by 41 runs,and hence secure the series from clean sweep.England team played very good cricket today.They batted well,fielded well and bowled well too.RJ Jadeja's 87 runs could not save india from defeat.RJ Jadeja played very well,as he faced just 68 bolls and made 87 with the help of 9 fours and 2 huge sixes.
As India lead won the series by 3-1 ,they celebrated the moment very much.They enjoyed the tour of England, "Ms Dhoni" said. Here are the some photos from http://www.espncricinfo.com/....

Joe Root made second ODI 100 in 5th ODI against India

5th ODI between England and India is continue at Headingly Leeds cricket stadium England.This is the last ODI of Indian tour to England.During this ODI series,very awesome matches came to watch and hence today is another good example.Eglish batsman Joe Root's hundred is much much valuable as England reached to set a good total of 295. Note: Picture is taken from http://www.espncricinfo.com/.
Joe played a brilliant inning today.The most important thing of English batting line was that they scored 143 in last 15 overs. Joe faced 108 balls and scored 113 runs including 10 fours and 3 huge sixes.His century may be helpful to avoid washed out by 4-0,as India has won the series 3-0 already.Indian batting line is suffering from some difficulties as their 4 main players bowled out on 96 runs in 25 overs.Continue to visit our site for further match updates.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Faf Du Plessis's 3rd Century puts South Africa in Tri-series's final

In Harare (ZIMBABWE) today very very important match was played between South Africa and Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to field first.Zimbabweans were considering the Harare's wicket may be difficult for the first batting team,but SA proved this wrong as they batted extremely well.In the very early stage of the game,it was looking that Zimbabwe decided well to bowl first as they picked up 3 wickets on the score 96 in 20.5 overs as their three main player including world class batsman Amla went back to dressing room.But Faf Duplessis came and jam on the pitch and washed out all the Zimbabweans bowlers.Du plessis batted extremely well and stayed on the pitch till 48th over and hence S.A succeeded to gave a well total to Zimbabwe for chase.Du plessis faced 140 balls and scored 121 runs including 5 fours and 4 brilliant sixes.His strike rate was too good.Because of Du Plessis brilliant inning,S.A won the match by 63 runs as Zimbabwe all out at 208 in 47.2 overs.Faf Du Plessis was declared as man of the match due to his great performance.Pics are taken from http://www.espncricinfo.com/.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ian Bell eliminated from team for last ODI against India

One of the best English player Ian Bell got injured during practice session.So there are rare chances for him to play the last ODI and therefore English team may look for replacement of Bell with some one else,but its assured that no one can replace Bell,and can't play at his number three position. Ian Bell is a great batsman having terrific ODI record.His ODI short score board record is attached in the form of image.
Bell could not play well against India on home ground and contributed well for the wash out,as a result England lost the series by 3-0.Indian team has won the series already,but according to the English team coach and captain,every game is a new challenge for the team.England's management team were initially planning to assess Bell's injury in practice on Thursday but have decided already the number three will not recover in time to play. After the first one-day contest was washed out, Bell,runs 32, scored just 1 run in the heavy defeat in Cardiff and 28 in the six-wicket loss at Trent Bridge. India's tour to England is going to be end with only one T-20 match at Edgbaston on coming Sunday 7 September 2014.

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