Saturday, October 22, 2016

Second Test match between Pakisstan & WestIndies



Paksitan won the toss and elected to bat first.Except Younas Khan , no pakistani batsman can score more than hundred.Captain Misbah got out on 96 runs.

West Indian bowleres restricted PAKISTAN to score 452 runs all out in first innings.West Indian fast bowler  Shannon Gabriel     picked five wickets and its his best performance in his test career.

                           SECOND DAY OF SECOND TEST MATCH ABU DHABI


            Third Day OF Second Test Match bewteen Pakistan & West Indies

Team West Indies all out 224 runs, follow on.

Once again , Darren Bravo scored 43 runs, except Bravo, no Westindian batsman can survive so long against PAKISTANI bowling attack.



On the third day after getting lead 228 runs, Pakistan started their second innings and after good opening start , Sami aslam gone for 50 , which was very unfortunate.Have a look at Aslam's wicket.

Azhar ali is batting on 47.Asad Shafiq is on 5 runs, just joined the party.



Azhar Ali reached hi 21st test fifty in 100 balls.

West Indies Bowling Card

Pakistan Batting card.
On the end of day 3, Pakistan is on dominating position as leading 342 runs.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Younas Khan The Legend

Younas has scroed 31st Test hundred.Brilliant performance by a PAKISTANI player.Younas Khan achieved this goal in 2nd test match against West Indies.Its his 11th test century in Abu Dabi.

Monday, October 17, 2016

First Captain wining Pink Debut test match "MISBAH"

PAKISTAN has produced one of the best Test Team Captain Misbah Ul Haq. Misbah Ul Haq has acheived many goals during his cricket career.After wining debut test match with pink ball played at Dubai, Misbah Ul haq has become first International Test Team Captain who acived this goal in his debut pink ball test match.In frist test match , Pakistan beat WestIndies by 56 runs.
LIVE SCORE BOARD.Under Misbah's leadership, Team PAKISTAN got first position at ICC Test Ranking a few months ago, and now the title is possessed by INDIAN Cricket team.
In this first Day Night test match for PAKISTAN, all the team showed their best performance and every player played his unique role and definitely their individual performances lead the team to set an other World Record.
The ODI captain, Azhar ali scored 302* runs innings  and Yasir Shah got 7 wickets in this match.
Azhar ali got man of the match for his best performance.

Friday, October 14, 2016

First Batsman to Score three hundreds plus runs in a test Match with PINK BALL .

PAKISTANI cricketer and ODI captain Azhar Ali has become the first PAKISTANI player to score 300 plus runs in a test match with PINK BALL.In the first test match against West Indies at dubai, Azhar ali achieved this goal by facing 469 deliveries including 23 fours and 2 big sixes.This a big achievement for him as its a debut match for PAKISTAN with pink ball, and it was 400s test match for PAKISTAN.

A few months later, after losing ODI series against ENGLAND, Azhar was facing a lot of criticism by the former cricketers and officials as well.In his return, he said that "i will reply all these with my performance", and he proved it.
Its a big honour for PAKISTAN CRICKET, for the entire country and its an example settled by Azhar for youngsters.

First Batsman to Score three hundreds plus runs in a test Match with PINK BALL .

PAKISTANI cricketer and ODI captain Azhar Ali has become the first PAKISTANI player to score 300 plus runs in a test match with PINK BALL.In the first test match against West Indies at dubai, Azhar ali achieved this goal by facing 469 deliveries including 23 fours and 2 big sixes.This a big achievement for him as its a debut match for PAKISTAN with pink ball, and it was 400s test match for PAKISTAN.

A few months later, after losing ODI series against ENGLAND, Azhar was facing a lot of criticism by the former cricketers and officials as well.In his return, he said that "i will reply all these with my performance", and he proved it.
Its a big honour for PAKISTAN CRICKET, for the entire country and its an example settled by Azhar for youngsters.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chris Gyle Officials activities

Hi guys and cricket fans, we met after a long time as , i was busy in my daily routine life.I know that many things happened in the World Of Cricket in last few months including team PAKISTAN first ranking in ICC test ranking, after that , PAKISTAN white wash West Indies in ODIs as well as in T20 series, really i missed  a lot cricket , in fact my site followers obviously missed it too, but no worry, now i will try my level best to continue posting latest cricket news.Today i found a picture on net , the picture is defining itself.Have a look at that picture.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thanks PCB

Today PCB officials arranged an important meeting with young fast bowler Muhammad Amir.Chairman PCB & Chief Operating Officer Subhan Ahmed briefly told Muhammad Amir that you have to just focus on our game, whats going on there in the crowed, you never care, and they also said that "All hurdles are gone and English Government issued your visa and now what you have to do is just to focus on your game".

PCB officials made amir's believe that we are ready to give you all type of support,so you should focus on your game as PCB and nations has much much expectation from you.
In reply Muhammad Amir said that "i will try to fulfill nation's expectations and for helping and supproting me 'Thanks PCB' ".

According to the unknown resources "Muhammad Amir will not be allowed to give any type of interview to English media nor he can sign any type of contract".

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Muhammad Amir got visa

PAKISTANI young fast bowler Muhammad Amir got visa to tour England.Keep remember that Muhammad Amir with his two team mates was caught in spot fixing in 2010 and was banned from all type of cricket for five years.

Muhammad Amir is ready to attack English batting line with other bowlers.All the worries of PCB gone as well as Amir's too.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pakistan Cricket Team summer fitness boot camp at ASPT Kakul

PAKISTAN Cricket team will tour to England in next month,to analyze players fitness, summer fitness boot camp has started at Kakul.Following are the snap shots of training camp.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

MCC Laws Of Cricekt Application

Ancient Marylebone Cricket Club  of London introduces an app which consists of information about all the cricket laws, this application named as MCC LAWS OF CRICKET.In a news release from ICC, its said that all the cricket laws are described in this application in easy words so that anyone can understand that laws.
 MCC Laws Of Cricket contains new pictures, animations and particular questions about laws .
In MCC Laws Of Cricket Namely application consists of all the 42 laws of cricket ,where these laws are categorized in to further 8 parts and from the start of the play to get the batsmen out and to appeal from the bowler ,everything is included in MCC Laws Of Cricket.

Animated Laws : In this application , fifteen laws are included with animation which can be watched and these 15 laws are recorder in the voice of famous writer, broadcaster and actor "Stephen Frey" who is describing the laws such  pitch bad behavior and hurdles in fielding.

 Videos: MCC Laws Of Cricket also included 18 videos containing umpires gestures so that players, audience and match officials can better understand what is mean by this gesture. 
 The last feature of this application consists of a quiz test about this game for the viewers.This feature has three levels , easy ,medium, and difficult or pro and viewer can share the result of  his/her test of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
Chief Executive of MCC  Derek Brewer  said that "for a new supporter of this game,to understand about this game, "MCC LAWS OF CRICKET is a complete application".This app contains the data which will be helpful for the players, for the audience and for the viewers as well to increase their knowledge about this game.MCC LAWS OF CRICKET can be downloaded free of cast.
For more description visit this site

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Visa hurdles for Muhammaad Amir

PAKISTAN cricket team will tour to England in July to play all three formats series .During this tour, team Pakistan will play 5 ODI,s 5 tests,and only one T20 match.New chief Selector Inzmam Ul Haq announced the names of 30 possible players from which playing eleven will be selected with the help of team coach and team captain.Fast bowler Muhammad AMir is an automatic selection for three formats,but unfortunately,Amir could be face some hurdles to get the tour visa for England.Chairman PCB, Mr Sharyar Khan started his best offers to resolve Amir's visa issues and also said that "we are hopeful ,we will succeed ".
Chairman PCB also said that we started our talk to the English government to solve this issue.Keep remembered that, English government has  strong rules and regulations for criminals.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Pakistan Cricket team will start the points based series against England

                                        (New Rule In Cricket)
Pakistan Cricket team will tour to England from July 2016 to September 2016.During this tour Pakistan team will play three series, one test match series,one ODI match series and one twenty 20 match series.
In Test Match series  4 matches will be played, 5 matches will be played in ODI series and only T20 match will be played during this tour.
The most important thing about these series is that PCB agreed to play these series on points bases and hence PAkistan cricket team will be the first cricket team in the world to take this initiative.Before this, England Cricket Board gave this suggestion to SrilLankan Cricket board,but SCB refused to play on points bases according to the famous cricket website

What is Points Base System?

As Point Base System is new System in the World Of Cricket.Lets try to describe little bit about the format of this system,
"According to this system, 5 days test match will contain 4 points,if a team wins,will obtain 4 points,if the match ties,4 points will be divided among the both teams"
 "According to this system, Each ODI  match will contain 2 points,if a team wins,will obtain 2 points,if the match ties,2 points will be divided among the both teams and each team will obtain 1&1 equally"
"The same procedure as for ODIs ,will be used for T20 format, each match will contain 2 points,and the winner team will obtain 2 points,while in the case of match tie,both teams will obtain 1 & 1 point equally " .
The most important thing to note that "According to this system,no any series will be tied".
At the end of the series between PAKISTAN and ENGLAND, team obtaining the more points will be considered as the winner of that series.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I will repair the Broken Mirror (Ahmed Shazad)

Pakistan cricketer Ahmed Shazad once again is in the head line news.In PAKISTAN CUP, Ahmed Shazad given out by umpire when he was on 79 runs in  a match against Balochistan ,he was very angry for not the approaching his hundred,he broke the dressing room's mirror with his bat.most of the time, Ahmed Shazad remain in headline news due to his angry behavior.

According to the resources, Ahmad Shazad explained the whole situation in these words "it happened accidentally, and if PCB fines me,i will repair the broken mirror ".

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Leg Before Wicket (LBW)

In this article we are going to introduce most important cricket laws which are applicable since the sport cricket came in to being.The cricket game is the game of laws for the both teams playing the game as well as for the umpires.Here we will discuss the most important cricket law "Leg Before Wicket", or LBW. Have a look at the following important steps involved in the LBW.

What is Leg Before Wicket (LBW). Before diving into the depth of LBW, we must explain what is "Leg Before Wicket" or LBW, after a deep research we conclude the following definition of LBW Law.

        "Leg Before wicket is one of the way by which a batsman is given out in Cricket "
    Description : After defining the LBW law, we will dive into its depth and will make 

                          sure that cricket fans and viewer will be able to understand this law, 

                          so lets go into description of LBW.

In the history of cricket laws, Leg Before Wicket  was introduced in 1774 when most of the 

batsmen started to stop the ball before hitting their stumps with pads.When the bowler and 

fielders appeal for LBW, umpire may give out LBW to the batsman if the ball would struck the

 wicket,but was intercepted by any parts of batsman's body except of hand holding the bat. 

For more details, read these steps.

1) Leg Before Out :- The batsman may be given as LBW out,if 

(a) If the ball is not  a 'No' ball.

 (b) If the ball is not intercepting full pitch, & pitches in the line between Wicket & Wicket or 

       on the off side of the striker's wicket.

(c) If the ball not touched the bat before hitting the pad, the striker intercepts the ball, either a 

     full pitched delivery or after pitching, with any body part of the striker.

(d) If the point of ball impact , even if above the level of the bails,  
      (1) ball is between wicket and wicket.

     (2) If the striker does not attempt to play the ball with his bat, is either between wicket 

          and wicket or outside the line of the Off Stump.

(e) But for the interception, the ball would hit the wicket.

2) Interception of the ball
 (a)In the above assessing points (c), (d), and (e) in (1), only the first interception is to be considered.

 (b) In the above assessing point (e) in (1), its to be assumed that the path of the of the ball before 

    interception ,would have continued after interception, irrespective of whether the ball might have   
     pitched subsequently or not.

3) Off Side Of the Wicket : The off side of the Striker's wicket, shall be determined by the behavior 

                                               of the striker at the moment the ball comes into play for that delivery.

Monday, April 18, 2016

INZMAM UL HAQ selected as Chief Selector of PAKISTAN

Former test cricketer and PAKISTAN team captain INZMAM UL HAQ has selected as Chief Selector of PAKISTAN.Do remember that ,INZMAM resigned from Head Coach of AFGHANISTAN cricket team before the end of his contract with AFGHANISTAN Cricket board which was to be completed on December 2016.

Chairman PCB Mr Sharyar Khan announced INZI's appointment as a chief selector during a press conference with INZMAM UL HAQ.During the press conference, Inzamam Ul Haq said that "First Of all ,i would like to thank almighty ALLAHA  for such a big responsibility", he also added that its a big challenge for me in such condition as PAKISTAN cricket is suffering from a lot of problems.I will try to resolve all these issues and will try to do justice with my responsibility.Don't forget to remember that "Inzamam Ul Haq 12 lakh Rupees per Month Contract
(Afghanistan Head Coach)
Signed 8 lakh Rupees Contract with Pakistan Cricket Board
(Chief Selector)"

 Inzmam ul Haq said that "I dont have any magic which can be helpful to overcome our deficiencies in our cricket,things will take time,and Nation will see change soon ".

Monday, April 11, 2016

Basics of cricket

In this article we will discuss cricket rules in depth.First of all we should know the exact meaning of cricket.So with deep research ,we can define Cricket in the following words....
"Cricket is a much popular game played with bat and ball". 
We know that In every game there are rules and regulations.For example, the length & width of the grounds for football,hockey and cricket game.As we are here to server cricket fans, so we will focus on the rules and regulations of crickets implemented by International Cricket Council (ICC).
Following are the major rules of cricket.
(i): Number of players:  Cricket is a game played with the bat and ball and each team consists of eleven players.

(ii): Cricket Ball: Cricket ball is made of hard cork  inside leather coating.The ball is much hard and solid having weight of 155.9 grams to 163 grams (for men), and 140 grams to 151 grams (for women).
(iii) Cricket Ground Size and potion: The  size of cricket ground is different from country to country, means the ground size is not fixed, it varies ground to ground.

 (iv) Pitch size :    The size of crciekt pitch is fixed for all grounds and is about 22 yards in length and 10feet in width.
Also have a look at Cricket Pitch with different angle according to field settlement.

(v)Bowling Area: In International cricket, according to the standard of cricket, some rules are applied on the bowlers. Have a look at the following snap.


Worst fight in the history of Cricket

Some time ,such unpleasant moments occurs in the games that makes the audience very uncomfortable.In the history of cricket ,there exists some unpleasant moments where we noticed the exchange of harsh wording between batsmen  & bowlers.

Same situation occurred in a match of IPL when Michel Stark threw the ball on Polaard, and in return, Pollard hits the bat on Stark, watch the video...   
Here is the video higlights of that worst fight.Watch the video.

Worst fight in the history of Cricket
Worst fight in the history of Cricket
Posted by Cricinfovalley on Monday, April 11, 2016

Most funniest and rare moments in the history of cricket

In all over the world ,almost in every game, something happened funny.So the camera capture the moments of that particular fun.Here you will notice some particular funny pictures in the history of cricket.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Carlos Brathwaite's hits four sixes in 4 balls

Carlos Brathwaite's sixes in last over helped WI to be the champion of ICC WORLD CUP 2016.Watch the video.
Carlos Brathwaite's 6,6,6,6

Carlos Brathwaite's sixes in last over

Posted by Cricinfovalley on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Who will win Icc T20 World Cup 2016?

Comment:     WI or ENG?

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